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preserving paper clay

updated mon 10 jan 00


Fredrick Paget on sun 9 jan 00

I think that a food grade preservative like Potassium sorbate or sodium
benzoate might be a better choice. Even though the amount of mercury in the
thimerasol is very small someone is sure to raise a question about firing
it and vaporizing the mercury.
I was able to purchase a small amount of potassium sorbate at a supermarket
in Nainamo, Canada a couple of years ago . I have never seen it in a USA
grocery store but I think it is used in making beer so check a home brewing
supply store.
Sodium benzoate is used in bottled sauces and ketchup and is probably kind
of hard to get outside of the channels that supply food manufacturers. 0.1
percent is the usual concentration.

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>Subject: Re: Firing paper clay

>I wonder if thimerasol (the active ingredient in a very fine oldtime general
>purpose antiseptic, Merthiolate -...snip...
>It's a mercury containing compound, so you wouldn't want to be drinking
>Marian Morris wrote:
>> We need to come up with an additive that will retard spoilage on this slurry
>> and also glazes to which I often add CMC. What about oil of wintergreen? Any
>> ideas out there?

>From Fred Paget, Marin County, California, USA