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views of sharing and competition

updated mon 3 jan 00


Steve Dalton on sun 2 jan 00

Here's my view on brings the best out of us!!! We strive
to become better!
We see the ad for some contest with a huge $1,000,000 and we work
our butts
off to make the piece we never thought we could ever make. It's made and we
enter it,
the day comes when its judged. Don't make the cut? Are we failures? NO!!!
We pushed our selves to become better. Beyond what we were last week or
The real prize...we became better beyond what we first invisioned.
Sure, we're dealing with some else's point of view. Are they at fault? NO!
Look at how many people entered. In the long run, I feel they're helping us
to become
better for the next time. Strive for perfection is overrated! Be the best
that you can within what
you work at!
Sharing...I think it's great. We all learn. I don't care about sharing
with Joe Smith down the road
about a great show where he can rake it in or some fabulous glaze recipe
that I mixed and formulated
and that took me twenty years to come up with. It brings us closer, even if
you're down the street or
across the big pond. I feel that it also brings the best out of us.
Sure we should have our little secrets, but in the big scope of things...we
all learn. Even if we wear
a big pink hat!!!
Steve Dalton