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san marcos workshop

updated mon 3 jan 00


pam easley on sun 2 jan 00

Rene, I m envious of you and your family going with Eric this month!
I went with him on a Village Tour last Feb, and it was fabulous, though we
were only lurkers and didn t get the hands-on experience you will enjoy.
In regard to the water don t worry about it. Eric carries big containers
of good water , and the same is available at the hotel.
Don t bother to bring your own containers for pottery you bring back. Eric
has his own pros pack your stuff for you in neat, huge baskets. Just don t
label them with too many fragile tapes at the airport. I was the only one
in our group with any degree of loss, and had tons of fragile stickers on
the container. I think the airline handlers were on the warpath the day they
loaded mine!
I did bring acidophilus pills, for whatever they were worth, and maybe it
was a head trip, but no one in our group got sick. The food was terrific,
both what Eric and co-leader made for us, and what we got from stores and
potters we visited.
Believe me, this trip will change the way you look at life as you know it.
And you ll love every minute of it. We did run into some really cold
weather, ended up bundling up in everything we could lay our hands on, so
you might bring some extra layers. Really cooled down at night.
Please be sure to write us a review of your trip when you get home, so we
can all live vicariously through you. You re going to love it!
Pam, in Seattle, where it s getting cooler but not wetter for a change!