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going to peter king workshop?

updated tue 4 jan 00


Gary & Carla Goldberg on sun 2 jan 00

Hi - Is anyone out there going to the Peter King Workshop March 13 - 17
in Florida? I'm signed up and thought it would be great if others on
the list are going. The workshop deals with architectural ceramics. He
does incredible sculpture/tile work around fireplaces, doorways, etc.

Joan Farrell on mon 3 jan 00

Hello - my name is Joan Farrell and I was interested to read the message
about the Peter King workshop in Florida. I know you will enjoy it. Peter
did an installation for my gallery in DC, The Farrell Collection, and I don't
think there is anyone in the country that does this kind of work better. I
wonder if you could pass on to Peter my new address: 60 Haywood Street #2E,
Asheville, NC 28801 (828) 252-2934, e-mail: Please when
you see Peter and marni give them my best regards!