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jepson/shaffer workshops good or not so good...?

updated mon 3 jan 00


Bob Hanlin on fri 31 dec 99

I've noticed that Jepson is hosting some decorating workshops like he did
earlier. I sort of wanted to attend the previous one, but the dates were =
for me. The dates of these are more fitting to my schedule but I'm =
wondering if
they are really worth the time and money. Have any of you folk gone to =
and how did it strike you?

I have Jepson's video on Advanced Throwing Techniques and although it had a =
of stuff on there, it fell way short of being completely infomative. I =
if hands on would be better?

Let me know what you thought of the workshops you attended there.

Bob Hanlin, where it's warm in Oklahoma City at the turn of the century (I
refuse to use the M word).

Cindy Strnad on sun 2 jan 00


Jepson's throwing workshop is excellent. The decorating workshops were going
to be given by his brother-in-law, if I remember right. A very likable and
accomplished guy. Call out there and ask to talk to him--don't remember his
first name--Tom, I think. Unless Jepson has changed his approach, you'll be
decorating pieces which will not be fired. Technique is what is emphasized.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
Custer, SD