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updated sat 3 mar 12 on thu 30 dec 99

Folks, Elca Branman wrote the following:

I own a set consisting of 11 books, each in its own box,about6x9 inches

each, with photos etc of famous Japanese kilns, pottery etc..The problem

is that they are totally in Japanese which I am not.

A long time ago, maybe30 years, a friend hauled them back from Japan as a

gift. ,..Someone had translated the individual titles,like

Kyoto,Mino,Kutani ,Karatsu Takatori , Shigaraki etc..

Its time for me to divest stuff and I was wondering if anyone knew

,roughly, the value of them or had a clue as to where to search...

This set of books is titled "Famous Ceramics Of Japan." The 12 volume set
was published by Kodansha International (in English) for US distribution
between 1981 and 1984. The original price was $14.95 to $19.95 per volume.
They are now long out of print. If you find these in a used book or
antiquarian shop you can expect to pay from $25-$75 per volume. The set in
Japanese may not be as desireable simply because of the language but of
course the photos are equally beautiful!

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop

Mason Batchelder on fri 31 dec 99

The books would be of interest to a person speaking and reading Japanese and
we sold some books on Ebay and were amazed how many buyers were out of our
country. Just put the first opening bid at a price that would be acceptable
and anything over it would be gravy. That is, of course, it you intend to
sell them.

Patti Petit on thu 1 mar 12

RE favorite book about Japan. Since I enjoy all of Bruce Feiler's books his=
Learning to Bow Down in Japan was very pleasurable reading. He writes with=
a self effacing touch and touches on many insights into life in Japan one =
would not ordinarily encounter.
Patti in NE GA