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updated thu 30 dec 99


Tom Buck on wed 29 dec 99

Paul Taylor:

I won't go into the detail you seek. But here is a list of articles that
might serve:

1) Ceramics Monthly, March 1992, Crystalline Glazes: a precise
method, by Bevan Norkin. For my money the best technical piece
on this topic.

2) Crystalline Glazes, Ceramics Technical Issue No. 3, 1996. By
Peter Deck, of Tasmania. He gives a rundown on his experiences,
and has a list of references.

3)Crystalline Glaze Text by Dan Turnidge (just deceased), PO Box 4146,
Salem Oregon, USA 97302. He gives a step by step provedure on how he does
crystalline glaze, and supplies a goodly number of recipes, and "tricks".

4) The Crystal Maze, Ceramic Review #137, 1992, Derek Clarkson,
a good solid review article.

5)Crystalline Glazes. Mimi Dann. Ceramic Review #128 1991. Again
one successful potter's view of this technique.

6)The Oxidation Glazes of Hildegard Storr-Britz, Jan 1975 Ceramic
Monthly. More about micro-crystalline glazes at various cones.

Good pots. BFN. Peace. Tom B.

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