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year 2000 shows in the midwest (actually craftfairs?)

updated tue 28 dec 99


Nina Jones on mon 27 dec 99

Tom Wirt wrote:


I think, first, you need to give us a clue as to the type of work you do.
There are a myriad of great shows in the Midwest, too many actually, but
they range from weeds and seeds to highly collectible work.

Hi, Tom:

Good question=21 Right now I make bowls, vases and jars. I don't consider =
=22highly collectible=22 as I'm just not that good yet. I've been told that=
beautiful and I have sold some of it. I would rate it, if I were so =
as functional and decorative. In a few more years I'll probably be able to =
a =22highly=22 in there somewhere (:=3E)=21

If anyone is interested in the information I have already gathered, I've =
some of it below=3B if you'd like more, ask me and I will share.

The Network - Marketing Guide for artists, artisans and craft workers
PO Box 1248
Palatine IL 60078-1248
(847)604-3965 or (888)572-7377
Cost: =2425/1yr=3B =2445/2yrs=3B and =2460/3yrs

Also there is (referred to me by one of the crafters at the Harper show=3B I=
not contacted yet):

The Michigan Crafter Magazine
Contact person: George Walker (810)726-1125
PO Box 183206
Shelby Township, MI 48318-3206
Cost: =2420.00 + =244.00 S=26H

The one solid craft show lead I got from Harper was for the Wisconsin State =
Park shows in Milwaukee, WI. The promoter is:

Craft Fair USA -
9312 West National Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53227

Other Promoters:

Art Plus Associates, Inc.
16W129 83rd Street
Burr Ridge, IL 60521

Promoters I've received info on through the Illinois Arts Council (James R.
Thompson Center, 100 West Randolph, Suite 10-500, Chicago, IL 60601-3298=3B
(312)814-6750 or (800)237-6994=3B )

Heartland Creative
Contacts: Herb Adler/Peg Sancya
3232 Ridge Road, Suite 2
Lansing, IL 60438
(708)895-3710=3B FAX (708)895-3868

American Society of Artists
PO Box 1326
Palatine, IL 60078
(312)751-2500 or (847)991-4748

Huffman Productions, Inc.
PO Box 184
Boys Town NE 68010-0184

Let me know if you'd like any additional information.

>From some of these promoters, I have applications and fair schedules. I've
prepared packets of slides and photographs for submission and I have already
submitted applications to four of the above. Please believe me, I'm not =
sitting here twiddling the keyboard waiting for people to send me lists of

If anyone is uncomfortable with my request for opinions/advice, please =
I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or put upon. I know that I'm=
as good as most of you. Right now I'm looking for opinions regarding good
shows, not necessarily great shows. Starter shows, if you like. If I've
offended anyone I apologize=3B that was never my intention. I'm not trying =
mooch information off anyone, I really just wanted opinions.

Thank you and I hope you are all having a happy holiday season. Have a =
New Year.

Nina D. Jones
Southside Chicago