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meyers/simon sale erupts in chaos

updated sun 26 dec 99


Russel Fouts on sat 25 dec 99

Vince, Tony, et al.

We had a charity auction at work, people answered a few trivia questions
each day for two weeks to earn "Cleary Coin" to use in the bidding. The
"Coin" raised represented an amount that will be given to a local
orphanage. Employees donated objects or services, I donated a plate.
Several people ,including one of my staff, wanted to bid on the plate
but didn't have enough "coin". So she decided to get together with some
of the other people to form a group to make a bid for the plate. Her
group of 5 won the bid! (I understand that there were some other groups
bidding as well for the plate). They will each take the plate in turn.

I was so pleased by this creative solution that I'm going to have a
special box made for it so they can transfer it easily.

So, this goes to show that some pot buyers are "crazy" in another,
perhaps more creative way.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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