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cone 5

updated sat 25 dec 99


Wade Blocker on fri 24 dec 99

Dear Ron and Nancy,
A decade ago I changed from cone 8-10 firing to cone 5-6. The only
difference is in the clay that you buy and the glazes that you use. The
firing will not take as long. Otherwise the skills that you have acquired
will serve you well at any temperature you choose to work with. The bisque
temperature and firing will remain the same.
You have to find a clay for your firing range, and glazes that fit it.
That in itself will present you with a whole new ball game. However you
will save money on fuel consumption and your kiln will last longer. Your
usual ceramic supplier will help you with finding a correct clay body and
possibly commercial glazes if you choose to go that way. Mia in sunny but
chilly ABQ