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salt kiln - shelves what kind do i need

updated fri 17 dec 99


Donn Buchfinck on thu 16 dec 99

Hi all
It's Big Donn Buchfinck from San Francisco
with a new username
events have changed my life
but what is life , if not a big adventure

I have a question from a friend that I am interested in getting advice about

Someone here on the west coast has built a new salt kiln and she is wondering
what are the best types of kiln shelves to use in the kiln.
thin bonded silicon carbide??
I know some people are using these in soda with good effect, but I am
interested if anyone is using them in salt.
any and all comments would be helpfull

please reply off list to me if you are going to post to the list
I miss some stuff sometimes

Donn Buchfinck
San Francisco