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salt firing laguna b-mix ^10

updated fri 17 dec 99


Jeff Brett on thu 16 dec 99


Our students use B-Mix in salt and have had mixed results. Plain (no slip
or colour) it is really bland. No flashing, very little colour change. In a
salt firing that is reduced it is grey-white. Without slip it doesn't seem
to react with salt very well.

We spray on a bisque slip (60 potash feldspar,40 kaolin) with colorants and
it works okay. Covering with a cobalt slip yields a good salt glaze blue
but we're all getting a bit tired of it. Have experimented with high
alumina slips a bit and found some interesting non traditional salt glaze

We get much better results with clays we make ourselves. Any clay with
Goldart as the main ingrediant is great in salt or soda. Our students have
also had good success with some of the Imco clays especially 8-11 Buff.


>From: Alice Smrcka <>
>Subject: Salt Firing Laguna B-Mix ^10--need info---
>Has anyone salt fired Laguna B-mix to ^10? I've contacted Laguna and
>do not have any information about B-mix and salt.
>I'd like to know what the surface is like. Does it stay white or
>Does it get toasty or flash?

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