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clay and glaze book

updated thu 16 dec 99


Lesley Alexander on tue 14 dec 99

To Virginia Scotchie, about your book:

Can you tell us how the recipes are presented? So many books provide
little information about response to
firing, where the materials might be obtained if unusual, how thick it
should be applied, what glazes it might combine with, and where it came
from if that's available.etc. That's a little much for every recipe, but
you follow me. Maybe you'd like to submit one sample recipe.... so we can

Curious in So Calif.

Virginia Scotchie on wed 15 dec 99

The receipes are catagorized by temperature, color and atmosphere. Most =
are labeled to indicate the artist who submitted or created the glaze. The =
includes many notes and information from Alfred. Recipes for porcelain,
flameware, white clay, colored clay and zero shrinkage bodies. There are =
on raw materials for clay and glazes. Glazing tips and techniques, glaze
calculation and testing, notes on engobes and slips. Recipes are catagorized
ash glazes
transparent to translucent glazes
celadon glazes
tenmoku and carbon trap glazes
white and off white glazes and base glazes
black glazes
bule and green glazes
brown and yellow glazes
red, orange, adn purple glazzes
metallic glazes
shino glazes
textured glazes
It is certainly a compendium for people that have some knowledge in clay and
glazes. I have had many users of the book tell me they love it and have used=
Thanks for asking=21