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potters project book

updated sat 23 mar 02 on sun 12 dec 99


This book was recently recommended. It is difficult to find but we do have
copies in stock!!!

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop

Bonnie Jurgens on mon 13 dec 99

Hi Steve,

I am Bonnie, the one who is setting up a home studio. Does your book answer
what to do with the drainage problems? We will be on a septic system and
need to have a separate drain from my studio. I would like to have something
that I could empty every few months outside of my studio. Is there something
like that in existence? How much is your book and should I purchase it
through you or amazon. com?
Thanks for answering my question.

Bonnie on thu 16 dec 99

Hi Bonnie!

I'm also constructing a new studio. Out here in the Mojave, we use septic
tanks, too. My contractor suggested using a holding tank, which in my case,
is a 55-gallon drum, placed on its side (upright will work, too), which will
be located downhill of the studio. The clay, grit, and other sediments will
fill the bottom of the drum, and the water will flow on to a drainage pipe.
Once in a while, I'll clean out the drum, reuse the clay (or find another use
for it). In essence, it is a "septic tank" for the rinsing sink, and my floor

Best wishes!

Milton NakedClay@AOL.COM

Steven Branfman on thu 21 mar 02

Before the inquires come rolling in "The Potters Project Book" by Peter
Cosentino is out of print! Do not look for it from new book dealers. If you
are interested in getting a copy (it is an excellent book of throwing
projects and ideas) look online through used book sources. While I'm at it,
here is the scoop on his other books: "Creative Pottery" is also out of
print. "The Encyclopedia Of Pottery Techniques is out of print in hardcover
(there are still copies around including stock at The Potters Shop) but is
coming out in paperback in the next few weeks.


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