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updated thu 9 dec 99


Dannon Rhudy on wed 8 dec 99

I thought the "free" part would be welcome to those
who had overdone it a bit with e-commerce this holiday.....

I want to announce that Vince Pitelka will be giving a two-day
workshop here in Paris at the ceramics department at the
college, the weekend of February 11 (Friday)
and February 12 (Saturday). This demonstration workshop will
be FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Y'all are welcome to attend -
if you're coming, drop me an email and I'll help with directions , etc.
Vince'll be demonstrating a variety of his techniques,
including slip-trailing, feather-combing, colored clay patterning,
and what-all. And there'll be slides, I shouldn't wonder.

I'll follow this up later with a fairly detailed daily plan, but just wanted
to mention it for now. There'll be a pot-luck on Saturday, y'all come.
It would probably be helpful to us if you let me know which day(s)
you'll be here, especially if there's a group coming, for space reasons.

Best of holidays to you each and all.


Dannon Rhudy