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tom sawyer... teacher burnout

updated tue 7 dec 99


elizabeth priddy on mon 6 dec 99

the teacher in this example where people don't even bother to come for their pot

perhaps this teacher is not applying the right
amount of pressure for the students to make
quality products that they are both interested
in and have a use for. if the student was
making something that had some personal
connection for them, maybe they wouldn't "phone
it in" and they would want the things they made.

Even in the unfortunate case of the student
who is only tere for an easy elective credit,
I think the teacher has a responsibility to
awaken the interest of the student, not just be
there for the dedicated. It does not sound like
the teacher you are describing cares, this
sounds a lot like burn out. Maybe they need a

I don't know the people in question, I am only
speculating according to experiences I have had
with teachers over the years, some with cynicism
caused by burn out. A little sabbatical can
usually get the teacher back on track. When I
feel like it is coming on for me, I just take 4
months off from teaching, do other things, and I
am usually ready again at the end, and the
students benefit greatly from not having an
apathetic, or worse, cynical, teacher.

Even the best teachers get tired. The very best
teachers know themselves well enough to not let
their students suffer from it.

Elizabeth Priddy

Clay: 12,000 yrs and still fresh!

On Sun, 5 Dec 1999 16:04:37 the Gallaghers wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Could it be that instructors are trying to weed out those students who are
>taking their one year of ceramics to fullfill the art requirement because
>they think it's "easy"??
>Those students treat the class like "hobby ceramics" and never even come
>back for their final pieces at the end of the term!!
>Having witnessed this event term after term, I can say that it must be a
>very frustrating thing. On the other hand, to not give the information at
>all is lazy, and a dis-service.
>My current instructor will feed the hunger for information to individuals as
>the need arises, at the same time offering general information to all. But
>the indepth study has to be initiated by the student.
>Makes sense to me, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
>Portland, Oregon

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