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tom sawyer /to michelle in oregon

updated tue 7 dec 99


Hank Ray on mon 6 dec 99

In a message dated 12/5/99 9:05:30 PM !!!First Boot!!!,

> Could it be that instructors are trying to weed out those students who are
> taking their one year of ceramics to fullfill the art requirement because
> they think it's "easy"??
> Those students treat the class like "hobby ceramics" and never even come
> back for their final pieces at the end of the term!!

This is not really fair.... a student trying to fulfill an art requirement is
just as important as an art major student.... how would you feel if all the
ceramic students were weeded out in English or History classes.... the
instructor has a job to instruct all of his/hers employers (the students) who
pay good money for classes....

Pete in OKC OK......