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the promise/firing wet glaze

updated mon 6 dec 99


Cindy Strnad on sun 5 dec 99

As to firing wet glaze, I can add my minimal experience. I've put pots in my
e-kiln with glaze so wet I had to place them with tongs, then fired them at
normal speed to "^6". This was in my wee baby kiln before I got my present
one, and it fired pretty fast. I flipped one element on every hour, then
slowed down considerably toward the high end. Some of the glazes crawled,
some didn't. Thicker, wetter glazes tended to crawl more.

I don't really have any trouble firing damp (not wet) glaze, in any of the
glaze varieties I use, but then I've weeded out the picky glazes. It's
easier to load well-dried glaze, though, so I usually let it sit overnight.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
Custer, SD