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..eutectics=xxxx...might as well be voodoo..."

updated thu 25 nov 99


ababy sharon on wed 24 nov 99

The worst thing is that I don't know how to spell it=21
Acutely it is the best discovery. If it was not this xxxx we would fire to
But on the other hand , now when we have software's=26 limit tables we don't=
to deal with thexxx every time when we want to prepare a glaze.
...On the other hand: Each one of us when she/he gets an idea searches,
investigates and learns things that just yesterday were voodoo for him.

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From: Craig Martell
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 07:43
Subject: Re: =22...amateur...eutectics...might as well be voodoo...=22

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=3E Elizabeth replied:
=3E =3Elet me rephrase, then...
=3E =3E
=3E =3Eamateur chemists mixing glazes in their studios
=3E =3Ewithout the rigor of science to back them up
=3E =3Eand explain the eutectics involved in many
=3E =3Elayered chemical blends and reliably predict
=3E =3Eresults might as well be voodoo for as much as
=3E =3Eone will obtain repeatable results.
=3E Hey Elizabeth:
=3E I got a black cat bone
=3E I got a mojo too
=3E gonna call up my second cuzzin
=3E lil' John the conqueroo............
=3E Muddy Waters shares a possible approach to eutectics. See also: =22I =
Put A
=3E Spell On You=22 by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.
=3E Ok, this is not a time for levity. :=3E) I mix glazes all the
=3E time. Formulate them too. I'm not an amatuer. I'm good at
=3E it. Why? Because I read, listen, learn, ask questions, invest my time =
=3E knowing about what I do and what I want to do. I'm nobody special, I'm
=3E just interested in knowing about the life and driving force below the
=3E surface. A ceramist can be involved with eutectics on several levels,
=3E not having a clue to actually producing one or two in a lifetime and
=3E realizing that it's happened. You're correct of course in saying that
=3E understanding this system is possibly unreachable. Possibly so=21 =
=3E a lot of ceramists that do understand and use science. Whether you want
=3E deal with any of this or not, it's always there doing what it does. =
=3E tough to devote time to learning some of this seemingly abstract
=3E theory. There are pots to make and bills to pay but sometimes we take =
=3E time to do it anyway. When problems arise, the more you know, the more
=3E self reliant you are and your chances of solution are so much better. I
=3E like to try and solve my own problems if I can, so I spend a bit of time
=3E with science. It's kind of relaxing after making pots all day. Well, I
=3E could have a beer or something too. And I gotta tell you guys that this
=3E list is an incredible resource for all kinds of info, mystic and non.
=3E =3Escience is great, but it ain't art, =26 vice versa
=3E There is a connection between the two. What we do isn't science but
=3E science is the study of what we do. A bit of voodoo is nice now and =
=3E though.
=3E regards, Craig Martell in Oregon.....waiting with a nickel in my hand =
=3E Lucy Van Pelt and some psychiatric advice.