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firing in new geil

updated wed 24 nov 99


Joyce Lee on tue 23 nov 99

I'll report more later to all you claybuds who've asked about the new
Geil's firings, but must tell you that with ITC am going to ^12 on the
bottom easily and smoothly in 7 hours.... not a large kiln, 17 cu ft, 12
stacking space. More about kiln later after another firing or two. Of
course, it wasn't my intention to go that high... happy accidents are my
forte... only forte in shelf was ^10 and that's where I
was watching the cones....
but the celadon and the few shinos that were abiding on the shelf for
several weeks awaiting pipes to be fixed, concrete to be poured and kiln
stack to be installed.......were on the ^11 down shelf.....and were
the most beautiful I've produced... really elegant. Apparently, as
Mel has said often, shinos love being pushed to higher cones. Copper
red/purple mixed was beautiful, too, with no special firing or cooling,
red/purple swirling with teeniny blue specks....
commercial artificial salt
ran ran damn damn......
The matt tallow from Clayart and then applied with advice from David
Hendley on my brown clay is beautiful both thin and thick on same wide
low bowl (pasta? breadmaking) with MacKenzie-like finger swirls through
the glaze. New commercial satin black/green was very nice at 10, black
where thin, green where thick... from Aardvark.
Celadon that for me has been either gray/green or crazed madly was apple
green and no crazing..... so far ..... more later, maybe with pictures.

In the Mojave having a great day ... already had a great day... and it's
only 10 a.m. Skies are blue burnished with desert winter sunshine...
birds, plain ol' sparrows, coming right up on patio and opening bird
seed and helping themselves ... we are a spoiled crew on this desert
scrubby acreage..... I spoil them by leaving out the birdseed package;
they spoil me with their perfect little tapdance of gratitude .....