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clay (wedging low and md-fire clays into high-fire clay)

updated tue 23 nov 99 on mon 22 nov 99


It all depends on how much of one clay you mix with the other. If you knead
in 1/2 or more of the high-fire clay to low or mid-fire clay, chances are
good you'll have a low-fluxing clay. I suggest you experiment with this,
making a small tile out of the combined clays, and firing it to the cone of
choice. Be sure to coat the kiln shelves well, in case you err on the side of
low or mid-fire.

Another suggestion I have is to add dry Lincoln Fire Clay, which is a
refractory clay, to the clay you're wedging. That way, you'll have less flux
in the clay you end up with.

Best wishes!

Milton NakedClay@AOL.COM

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