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test kilns not cheap

updated mon 22 nov 99


Pam Duncan on sun 21 nov 99

As a full time dental technician, we are the people who make the crowns for
the dentists, I can say with certainty that those "ovens they fire porcelain
in" are anything but cheap! Unless you consider $5000 for a chamber that is
less than 4x4 inches, of course they fire under vaccuum. Sorry to
dissapoint you, but your best bet is a small test kiln from a pottery
Pam in WI
ps. those little kilns usually have a top temperature of 2000 degrees F, as
most dental porcelains are vitrified at 1800 degrees F

-----Original Message-----
From: Lynne Antone
Date: Saturday, November 20, 1999 3:52 PM
Subject: Stylin' Lana Wilson

>She brought a table full of test tiles and went over the processes used for
>producing the various glaze effects. Never enough time for it all, but we
>hope to talk her into another weekend session for just glazes. It would
>require many small test kilns in order to see the effects. Someone
>checking at used dental supply companies to get small, less expensive test
>kilns, like they use for firing porcelain. Nice tip.
>Thanks, Barb, for bringing another great potter to our area. Nice one to
>finish off the year with.
>Lynne Antone
>Olympia WA