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potters stool- rolls royce

updated mon 22 nov 99


Torgeir Leander Henriksen on sun 21 nov 99


The best potters stool i think is the Hag Capisco.It is very expensive but
it is a Rolls Royce.
You can turn the back plate against your chest and still have your arms free
for trowing or other work.So if you have a back problem,this is the ultimate
chair.If you want to move the chair with you it locks the wheels automatic
when you sit down again.
You can have it in waterproof canvas so it is easy to wash.I think it is a
little to high for a normal wheel but i had made my chair a little bit
=3Eshorter.The main facory for Hag is in Roros, Norway,so i have had the
=3Eopportunity to modified it for a potters work.
=3EI will take contact with the Hag company so it is possible to order a =
=3Espesially made for a potters work. They have a web site in USA:
=3ETorgeir Leander Henriksen
=3EGalleri Thomasgaarden
=3E7374 R=AFros
=3Etlf.0047-72412470 fax 0047-72412945