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good red glaze and cone 6 black

updated mon 22 nov 99


Monique Duclos on sun 21 nov 99

I look in my test glaze and I found something that mite be what you are
looking for . It is a nice burgundy red vine color, not matt, more glossy,
opaque type. I was using it a long time ago at cone 8 ox .and from (I thing
it is the same glaze) what I can remember sometime it has crater forming
where it was thicker. For the past month I have been testing again and for
fun I try this glaze at a cone 6 and it gave me, on the test, this nice
burgundy no crater. So here it goes:

Bourgogne Crathre

Feldspar Custer 56.5
Whiting 7
Kaolin 4.5
Silica 23

Good luck!!

Also for a nice black glaze (glossy this one )for Kit Shannon

Chat Noir

Feldspar Custer 26
Ball Clay 20
Whiting 20
Silica 34
RIO 10

Good luck with this one too!
They have both been test on white stoneware, and I'm not sure about where I
got them.

Monique Duclos
3757 Boul des Fondateurs
St-Isidore Nouveau-Brunswick
Canada E8M 1B5

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