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kiln arrival

updated sun 21 nov 99


ginny bivaletz on sat 20 nov 99

i'm happy to announce the arrival of our brand new 20
cubic foot downdraft car kiln from clay arts in
tacoma. the delivery and unloading went smoothly and
it even stopped raining for the day. we now need to
have the propane line put in and the chimney. getting
ready to call "dear alice" after reading all the itc
posts in the archives and get her finally blessing
before we go ahead and spray,spray,spray. one
question i had was pertaining to the spraying of itc
on the burners. are you folks doing that. it won't
clog things up? if i want to spray the brick around
and into the burner holes, should i cover up the
burners or what? i know, i know - just ask alice.
thanks - ginny from orcas island

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