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i owe mel $100

updated sat 20 nov 99


clennell on fri 19 nov 99

I tried the red on the shino. I took one of my shino platters and sprayed
the thing with red. sheila said "What the hell did you do that for??" I
said "Mel, told me too!" It will be black and grey not red. It came out
red. I thought screw it I'll sell it anyway. Just unloaded yesterday and
sold it today for $100. Women wanted a wedding present for a Chinese
bride. Said red is lucky Chinese colour. I said ya I knew that.
Because today is 3rd week in November went and bought a bottle of Beaujoais
Noveau. told the guy at the liqour store a guy from Minnesota was treating
me. He said hey he must be OK. I said he's a great guy but too bad he's
colour blind. the guy looked puzzled.
Thanks Mel, the wine was great and I got an order for another platter just
like the other one. You've destroyed my image but thanks anyway.

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