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free!! virtual ceramics show

updated wed 17 nov 99


Andrew Clift on tue 16 nov 99

Hello Everyone,
If you haven't heard of ClayStation 2000, The Virtual
Ceramics Exhibit here is your chance to find out about
it. All ClayArt members may apply to the show for

Please write ClayArt Member on your Application. To
get the application go to

This is a virtual ceramics exhibition looking for high
quality, innovative ceramic works. Ceramists may
submit ceramic pottery, ceramic sculpture, and ceramic
tiles. All three categories of ceramic art will be
represented in the exhibition. Twelve entries will be
selected. Each entry should submit 3-4 images of
different work.

Three images will be chosen to represent each artist
in the Exhibition. All entries must be Post Marked by
December 15, 1999. To see online description and
sample layout of the show go to

You can send electronic images, slides, or photos.
Remember to choose good quality images of your work.
Send Application and images to Andy Clift's
ClayStation, 1371 Milburn Ave., Redlands, CA 92373. If
you would like your slides or photos returned to you
send a SASE in your packet.

Although the show is free a five to ten dollar
donation would be greatly appreciated. All donations
will go towards the ClayStation's improvement and
server expense.

Andy Clift

Andy Clift
Redlands CA
(909) 307-4643 cyberspace's Grand Central Station for
Ceramic Arts. The home page is at
To read Andy's Online Ceramic Art newsletter The ClayStation
Conveyor go to
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