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know a good teacher?

updated sun 14 nov 99


ekohler on fri 12 nov 99

I have a friend, retired, who winters in Stuart, Florida. She has recently
taken up potting as a hobby; she is serious; she wants to do it well.
However, she can't seem to find a good teacher (she also has some insight,
admitting that it could be her, and not the teacher).

Does anyone know of a good teacher in or near Stuart, Florida?

Off-list replies would be fine. TIA
Eleanor, Centerport, NY

Cindy Strnad, Earthen Vessels Pottery on sat 13 nov 99


I took Stephen Jepson's two-week workshop in Geneva, FL (near Orlando) a
couple years ago and enjoyed it very much. He also offers a one-week option,
but I figured if I was coming all the way from SD, I'd do the longer
version. He's a good teacher, delivered what he promised, and made a big
difference in my throwing skills. You can find his advertisements in CM or
the Axner catalog. (He's got a photo of *me* in the ad, too! )

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
Custer, SD

Cheryl Tall on sat 13 nov 99

Hi Eleanor: There are several good clay programs in Stuart.

Palm Beach Community College, North Palm Beach (40 min. drive) has clay

New session starts in Jan. I am one of the Ceramic Teachers.
The other teachers are Diane and Alicia. My phone # is 561-219-8818 for
more info, Cheryl Tall.

Vero Beach Center for the Arts has a clay program. Phone # 561-231-0707

Shadow Bay Pottery, Stuart, Fl, has regular clay classes taught by
Phyllis, call information for phone # or call me if you can't find it.

Center for the Art and Soul has a clay program. Call info for number.

Hope this helps,

Cheryl Tall