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eric rowe's book

updated sat 13 nov 99


gail sheffield on thu 11 nov 99

You will recall that Eric Rowe, who lives in France and, for technical =
is not now on Clayart, had asked Clayarter's opinions about his proposed =
book on
the geology of potting clay. His book, titled =22A Potter's Geology=22 is =
available in electronic form through Tony Hansen, =
. The
website is .

Gail Sheffield
Covington, LA

Martin Howard on fri 12 nov 99

Eric visited us about his book. I had the opportunity to download it from
his disks, but made a mess of it.

I really want to buy a copy, but it is difficult for us in the UK to use
dollars etc and purchase from the US. At least I find it so.
Is there a way of buying a hard or soft copy in the UK?

Martin Howard
Webbs Cottage Pottery
Woolpits Road
Great Saling
Essex CM7 5DZ