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how is mason stain (*new) intesive red?

updated tue 9 nov 99


Llewellyn Kouba on sun 7 nov 99

Dear Readers,

I am wanting to do some more work with the Mason Stains and wonder how the =
INTENSIVE RED is? on the other hand when one is doing brush work pictorials
perhaps a deep barn red would not be required or preferred anyway?

I am working with tin ware and cone 03-04 firing range. Any impute would be


Jonathan Kaplan on mon 8 nov 99

We have tested the new Mason reds.

The best red was obtained with 10% Lobster in a cone 4 gloss base glaze. We
have also tested these in opacified glaze bases also. Very satisfying, and
they are half the rpice when purchased directly from Mason in 10# lots.


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