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craft show tents

updated fri 5 nov 99


Beverly Crist on thu 4 nov 99

I have a Craft Hut tent which I like a lot. It was expensive but it looks
good, is very sturdy and I can put it up by myself. I used an E-Z up recently
and it was fine for the show that I was at. But in a windy or rainy situation
I don't think it would have held up as well as the Craft Hut. If I was tent
shopping I'd get an issue of Sunshine magazine and check out the
manufacturers advertisements. Also, consider what you need out of a tent, in
Florida where I used to do shows I needed protection from wind, rain and sun.
Now that I'm in southern California I mainly just need protection from the
sun - I don't like getting sun burned. Plus the look of your tent needs to go
with your display.

Hope this helps, Beverly Crist