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robert briscoe workshop

updated sat 30 jul 05


Frank Martin on wed 3 nov 99

Ash Glazes from Before "The First Millenium"
Developing Form & Surface Integration with Robert Briscoe

This workshop focuses on the plasticity of clay, the aesthetics of
simplicity, and the importance of function in contemporary pottery. The
use of slips, engobes and ash glazes to articulate pot forms are
discussed, demonstrated and practiced. A two-day glazing session begins
this workshop followed by a gas reduction firing. Bring bisqueware
from high fired clays, stoneware or porcelain.
5 sessions: $300
Mon-Fri, Jan. 17-21, 10 am-4 pm AE0AC05-03

Robert Briscoe has been a professional potter since 1967. His work has
been exhibited widely including at Alfred University and Meiko Seito
Gallery,Tokyo, Japan. He has taught extensively in universities and
craft centers such Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada, Macalaster
College in St. Paul, MN and at Peters Valley Craftsmen. He currently
resides in Harris, MN.

For further information, call Registration @ (212) 996-1100.


Frank Martin
92nd Street YM-YWHA
Art Department / Ceramics
1395 Lexington Ave.
New York, New York 10128

Ceramics - (212) 415-5565
Fax - (212) 415-5574
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E Krieger on fri 29 jul 05

I've just returned from Santa Fe where I participated in a workshop at Santa
Fe Clay. Robert Briscoe was our teacher and inspiration for the week. The
folks at Santa Fe Clay did a wonderful job of hosting the workshop and it is
evident that they are very experienced at sponsoring workshop events. I
want to thank Santa Fe Clay for a very good week and a nice experience.

Bob Briscoe also did a great job and couldn't have been more willing to
share his experience and methods of making functional clay objects. I came
away excited and anxious to explore all the suggestions and techniques that
Bob demonstrated during the week.

I strongly suggest that any who have the opportunity to attend a workshop at
Santa Fe Clay should not pass up the chance. And, if Robert Briscoe is
giving a workshop anywhere and one is even slightly interested in functional
pottery they should make it a point to attend the event if at all possible.

I have been home from the workshop for only a week but I can tell that my
attitude has been affected and that my approach to making functional pots
has changed somewhat.

Thanks, Bob! I had a great time and feel like I learned a lot about making
functional pottery that packs a "punch". A little time will tell but I
already know I'm making better pots.

Eddie Krieger

Abilene, Tx