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pit firing vs. sawdust firing in a metal can.

updated thu 4 nov 99


Alisa and Claus Clausen on wed 3 nov 99

As I am burnishing all the small pots I am getting ready to fire in either a=
or in a trash can, I am thinking about
this question:

What or Are there any fundamental differences in these two firings and what
exclusive effects are caused by each?

My givens are that in both types of firings the pots will be buried in =
wrapped and sprinkled with various materials. But the basic differences I =
divide these techniques by is
Pit firing is totally enclosed, no air holes.
Sawdust firing in a metal trash can has air holes.

Are these bascially the same technique? In principle, would I expect the =

I am reading up a bit, but I am not clear on what the basic difference in
eventual surface effect is between these two
firing techniques. Any information would be appreciated.

Alisa getting ready to camp out on the beach with heat in Denmark again.

PS Being in New York was wonderful and I got around to all the book haunts =
We are gearing up for the annual open exhibition at the Art and Cultural =
in town.