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updated thu 4 nov 99


Pamela & Evan Kohler-Camp on wed 3 nov 99

Dear Susan and Chris,

Thank you for your candor. Sometimes I feel so out of my league technically
on the list that I appreciate someone who will explain the
showman/womanship side to my passion in clay. This is a side that I would
love to ignore and just sell my work. But it seems that unless you can get
into the big galleries you get little compensation for your work.

Yes, I do feel the need to create art for art's sake. I also have to buy
the clay and pay for seminars and show fees to continue to grow as an artist.

Nice little paradox, this life.

There is also the fact that I would like to know how I measure up on a
broader stage. I teach, do shows and sell well what I make. But when I go
to NCECA or read Ceramics Monthly, or any other trade magazine, my work
doesn't look like anything I'm seeing. Realizing that the new and differant
are usually what is promoted, I still would like to be out there. Too bad
the judges don't send a critique back with your slides.

Thanks again,