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updated wed 3 nov 99


Chris Colwell on tue 2 nov 99

Pamela =26 Evan Kohler-Camp wrote:
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Hello Folks,

I hope to enter my first national competition soon so wish me luck=21 But =
prospectus asks for a =22 heavy plastic cover=22 for my slides - where does =
aquire this? This is for one slide or for a whole sheet? They only ask for

Is there anything else that I need to know about submitting for competition?

Does anyone have any tips? So you get the prospectus and throw/work from
there? Do you just try to work every day and submit what you have? Why do
we enter competitions? I know money helps if you win but does it also give
you name recognition for admission to shows?


Pam- in Atlanta,Ga, working and paddling hard

Hi Pam,

Congrats on your initiatve. I believe the heavy plstic slide cover they are
requesting is simply a page sized sheet with many (24?) pockets for slides
available at photo shops (you may have to buy a whole package), or if you =
using a professional photographer for your shots, they could probably =
you with some.

My main advice for entering competitions would be to get Very Good Photos
(read: done by someone who has shot pottery and knows lighting, gradated
background, angle, etc., etc.) Ask to see samples of their work or show them
examples from Ceramics Monthly and demand that quality. Secondly, everything
you send should be neat and professional looking. Letters, artist's =
and resume should be nicely typed in a pleasing, legible font and on the =
high quality paper. Slides should be labeled with your name and title of =
and a number corresponding to a separate list which further identifies and
describes the pieces. Extra fine =22Sharpie=22 markers work well if you are =
a neat

If you are making the pieces as you go, I guess you just wait until you have
all your pieces to photograph them, but you can be compiling the other info.

I would say that entering a competition is an exercise in self discipline,
self promotion and a good learning experience, and on top of that, provides
you with one more thing to put on your artist resume.

Best of luck=21

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