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updated mon 1 nov 99


Stephani Stephenson on sun 31 oct 99

I've used wax resist on pitfired pieces as a resist for stains and
pigments, rather than glazes. Try using acrylic paint as the pigment
source. Be sure to use a highly pigmented paint such as Golden (brand
name) or other artist grade paint. Most of the 'student' or 'craft'
grades have very little actual pigment and a lot of filler. The color
will disappear in the fire if low grade paint is used.
Thin the paint with water and apply it as a wash.In a fire with
flashing you can get some nice areas of color that seem as permanent as
any other slip or stain. Earth,(iron) colors, as usual are the most
dependable but there can be nice subtle surprises with others.

Stephani Stephenson
Leucadia, CA