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underglaze hardness, pool tiles

updated sat 30 oct 99


Diane Schanz on thu 28 oct 99

Does anyone have any experience using tiles underfoot glazed only with
underglaze and fired to ^6? I am wondering about their hardness rating as
well as vulnerability to sun and chemicals (i.e., chlorine and other pool
chemicals). I am working on a project which involves tiles underfoot and
possibly underwater.
Despite having a firm that does pool consulting available to me, I have
yet to receive any concrete information regarding regulations, acceptable
glazes (if any), grout line spacing, etc.
I have been told to only bring one tile, made with one process, to the
city and county board meetings for approval. This feels something like
playing pin the tail on the donkey on a moonless night. And there may or may
not be a donkey.
I have seen photos of mosaics and handmade tiles in pools. I know it's
been done before. Will Cerdec stains hold up as a body stain (^6)? Can
anyone out there help?
Would have tested this all myself, but it's a commission with political
ties and after telling me that it wouldn't work in their budget, they want
it NOW! Thanks, Diane in Tucson

Janet Kaiser on fri 29 oct 99

Try looking at the web site *Tiles on the Web*
Edited by Tom Colson, it is a mine of information on everything to do with
both contemporary and historical tiles.

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art: Home of The International Potters' Path
Criccieth, GB-Wales, UK