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don't use ups/rps/emery! (was packaging question)

updated sat 30 oct 99


James Roche on thu 28 oct 99

Hello Cindy,

At 14:45 27/10/99 EDT, you wrote:
>In my experience, the USPS is always cheaper for lighter weight
packages. Don't bother with the insurance, though. More trouble
collecting than it's worth, unless they just outright lose the

Although I'm based in the UK, I really have to comment on UPS,
as I read and a lot in the NG
have to ship very expensive instruments around the US/Worldwide.

I won't post the whole thread, just one post from someone in the
shipping business with 20 years experience. I'll never use UPS
having read what Joe Carpenter says.

If anyone on the list wants the entire thread (10 msgs) then
email me for it. I'll gladly forward.

RMMGA Usenet Post:

Being in the shipping/transportation business for 20 years, I
really feel like I should comment on all this UPS stuff.
Bottom-line with UPS: if it's a small dollars claim (ie; $100.00
- $200.00), they will honor your claim very quickly. Anything
more than that...they will fight you tooth and nail. Why? The
are gambling that you will go away after dealing with their
internal rules (Just try talking to their customer service staff
about this. They will usually hang up on you if you ask too many
questions). Perhaps many of you recently saw where UPS has to
ante up 1.2 Billion in back taxes and penalties to the IRS? This
was all to do with their insurance procedures (and how they
actually paid themselves for insurance.."re-insurance" via a
Bermuda shell company).

So, what's a player [acoustic guitar player]to do? IMHO, use
Fedex, DHL or Airborne. All have great insurance coverage, but
expect to prove contents and value (which is fair). The level of
service is basically the same...unless you live out in the
boonies...then go with Fedex. Stay away from RPS and Emery
though....almost the same as UPS in regards to claims.

Jay's comments about the UPS office staff signing documents
attesting to the packaging and contents was great!.....but means
nothing to UPS.
Read their "conditions of carriage" (which they quote chapter
and verse) regarding this. The ONLY personnel that can change
the conditions of carriage is an officer of the company (ie;
board of directors member). So they'll sign any damn thing you
want at the's meaningless to them!

Hope this helps!

Joe "been there, done that" Carpenter


J./B. Moore on fri 29 oct 99

In my experience, if you have to send something to another country (not
Canada), use DHL. Very reliable, will take anything in any size, weight
or shape as long as it is wrapped in something waterproof, and will
deliver to the recipient's door.

Julia Moore
Indianapolis Art Center