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belated thanks re: refiring ^6 at lower temp

updated wed 27 oct 99


Mary Ella Yamashita on tue 26 oct 99

Hi! Just wanted to send in a belated thank you to Barney, Cindy, Bobbi,
Tom, and Arlene who all responded to my dilemma about how to handle my
stained but unglazed cat atop a lidded ^6 glaze fired jar.

Because this is a decorative funeral jar which will sit in the owner's home
but not be handled much, I decided to paint the cat with 1 coat of
Ceramcoat sealer and 1 coat of Ceramcoat clear Satin varnish rather than
attempting to refire the piece. The results are satisfactory, but if I do
this type of project again, I will probably try Cindy's suggestion of
mixing the stain with frit and glycerine before painting the stain on in
the first place.

Thanks to all who suggested that I try refiring a test piece rather than
risking the commissioned piece. This was good advice, although I chose the
varnish route instead.

I would like to share another piece of useful advice that came to me off
list. Tom wrote that > clear on top of the stain should come through the
refire without problems at 1000 OC. Use Elmer's glue (50glue/50 water
approx.) and let dry thoroughly before putting on the clear; the glue will
hold the new glaze to the C6 surface.>

Thanks again for your help.

Mary Ella