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lincoln fire clay & jone 412 with grog

updated mon 25 oct 99


Beth Williams on sat 23 oct 99

Anyone in Clayart land know where one can find Lincoln fire clay & Jone 412
with grog? Had a friend who recently returned from Switzerland ask about
these and have no idea where they can be purchased.
TIA for responses

Valice Raffi on sun 24 oct 99

Hi Beth,

I believe you can buy Lincoln Fire Clay direct (916-645-3595). It's mined
near Sacramento, CA.

The Jone 412 sounds like your friend might be thinking of Sculpture 412 mix
from IMCO (916-383-2811) which contains grog and a local clay called Ione.
Sculpture 412 is great for handbuilding & raku, I use it almost

Hoping I'm giving you the right answer,

in Sacramento

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Anyone in Clayart land know where one can find Lincoln fire clay & Jone 412
>with grog? on sun 24 oct 99

Hi Beth!

Lincoln Fire Clay is a fairly common refractory clay, here on the West Coast.
Your ceramics supplier should carry it. I bought mine at Aardvark Clay
Company, in Santa Ana, CA. Since Lincoln Fire Clay is sold in 50 lb. bags,
you might want to check a supplier near you, if you live outside California.

I haven't used the Jones Clay you mentioned. Perhaps your supplier can help
you with this one, too.

Best wishes!

Milton NakedClay@AOL.COM

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