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terra sig. surface prep

updated sat 23 oct 99


Murray & Bacia Edelman on fri 22 oct 99

Vince answered Naomi about terra sig and surface. All I can tell you
concerns Vince's suggestion about trying to contact these wonderful artists
(I absolutely love their work!)

I have heard that Pierre Bayle is ill with cancer. It is not a good time
to try to contact him. Re: Duncan Ross: Wait until Russel Fouts, who is
giving workshops now in the Carolinas, returns to Brussels and ask him. I
think I heard either by e-mail or at NCECA from Russel that Duncan Ross
divulges no information. I am not sure of this, but Russel has tried, I
believe. Russel should return to Belgium around Nov.2.
His e-mail address is
He also may be able to answer your questions himself, Naomi.
Regards, Bacia

>Second question: I've read about 2 ceramic artists: Duncan Ross in England,
>and Pierre Bayle in France, who work with t/s, but they finish their surface
>by smoothing with a rib, and then apply t/s when dry. They don't seem to
>have a problem with the t/s popping off, so why would sanding be better?

I don't have an answer for this. I suggest you try to contact them and ask
them. If you do, please let us know what they say. I have had trouble with
sig chipping and flaking when applied to a very smooth surface. And
besides, I do not object at all to a little bit of sanding marks showing.
But each to her/his own. If you do not like the sanding marks, then
obviously you need to do some further experimentation and find out how to
avoid them.
Good luck -
- Vince