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hans coper book

updated fri 22 oct 99


Nettie Penman on thu 21 oct 99

Howdy Clayarters,

Does anyone out there know where I can get a copy of the Hans Coper book (by
Keith) at a reasonable price? It's out of print and I haven't been able to
locate a copy in my area. Went to and they wanted $65 for a used
paperback. That seems steep! I'd prefer a hardback but any in good condition
will do.

Also wanted to mention how delighted and taken I was with the Australian/New
Zealand contingent and their work at the wood fire conference. When I got
back and looked through the 60-some pages of notes I've kept over the last
few months off the Clayart postings, I was happy to see that I had kept
recipes for slips and glazes from Tony N., Owen, and John N. - Dang! Every
once in a while I do something right.

Nettie Penman