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beautiful use: contemporary american ceramics

updated fri 22 oct 99


Hluch - Kevin A. on thu 21 oct 99

Just a note to let everyone know that I have finally acquired a publisher
for the above titled book. The contract is signed. It will be 160 pages,
200 photographs and the manuscript deadline is Jan.1, 2001 with a
publication date sometime in 2001....

I will be corresponding with those who have sent slides in regard to
their return or, alternately, a request for photo credits, releases, etc.

If you are aware of anyone who might still be interested in this project
where the focus is beautiful, useful pottery please have them send 3-5
publication quality slides, resume, and statement to the following
address: (Note the change of address!)

Kevin A. Hluch
113 West All Saints St.
Frederick, MD 21701

For all of you who have sent material - I express my gratitude for your
help. Certainly, it was the quailty of the pottery in the package that
was such an important factor the in publisher's acceptance of the

Thank you! Please spread the word to interested potters.