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lab for heavy metal release in nyc area (fwd)

updated thu 21 oct 99 on wed 20 oct 99

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> Subject: Lab for Heavy Metal Release in NYC Area
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> Does anyone know a good lab for testing for heavy metal release in the NYC
> area?My grandaughter is pregnanat and eating off of plates that her great
> grandmother used. TIA
> Dick Williams in Hurricane Alley (Wilmington, NC)

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I've looked for a lab in the NYC area and haven't found one. I suggest she
go to any good hardware store and get a lead test kit. Choose only ones that
say you can also test ceramics with them. She needs a good lead test kit
anyway to go around testing stuff like paint, plastic miniblinds, old toys,
etc. when the rug rat gets here.

If the china is Lemoges, it probably is lead-bearing.

If she gets a positive test, then no point going any further. Just lose the

If she gets a negative, pick out a cup or two and send them off to be tested.
A negative with the kits is never definitive.

Roland Hale
Ceramic Coridor @ Alfred University
200 N. Main
Alfred NY 14802 607/478-8074

Hope this helps

Monona Rossol
181 Thompson St., #23
NYC NY 10012-2586