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do you want to teach a workshop?

updated wed 20 oct 99


Deanna Palfrey on tue 19 oct 99

Hello! My name is Deanna Palfrey and I am the Co-Program Chairperson for the
American Ceramic Society - Design Chapter, Southern California Section. I am
looking for artits to be prospective one day workshop teachers. This would
involve presenting a one or two day workshop for a small group of our
nonprofit organization's members to attend (10-15 people). I would provide
the workshop space at a college in the L.A. area. If you are interested in
teaching a one weekend only workshop in the Los Angeles area, e-mail me with
the following:

-how to contact by e-mail, snail mail and or fax.
-ceramic "specialty" or area of expertise
-brief resume/background
-Weekends available for the next 12 months
-One or two day (two part) Workshop
-What the topic of your workshop would be, description of your workshop
-supplies needed and used
-Your Fee (please keep in mind we are a small nonprofit organization with a
membership of 400, an average of 10-15 people will attend a workshop).

I am also taking applications for a two hour slide show and lecture on
ceramics (all aspects of design, firing, construction, marketing, etc.) and
related topics.