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crusader test kiln

updated sat 16 oct 99


John Baymore on fri 15 oct 99

Hi all. I just got the following message privately that asked me
to forward it to the list. So here it is. She is not on-list... so
replys should be directed to her email address, I guess.



John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086 USA


-------------Forwarded Message-----------------

From: =22Karen=22,
To: JBaymore

Date: 10/14/99 3:51 PM

RE: Crusader test kiln


I stumbled across the list today while searching for info on
a test kiln. Thought maybe someone could answer some questions I have.

So far I only have the shell of what I believe is a old Crusader 131 test
kiln. The guy who gave it to me is in the process of locating all the
rest of the parts, elements, switches, pyrometer etc. Have called the
Co. but they stopped making this kiln when they moved from Holland, MI to

It is 7- sided, 3 rings, 15 1/2 W =26 13 1/2 D (inside chamber). Only 2 of
the 3 rings are slotted for elements. This unit has never been
assembled. I'm wondering if anyone has one of these and can help with
instructions as to the correct way to assemble this, my brother-in-law is
an electrician so I think with help we should be able to tackle it. I
plan on doing glass slumping =26 fusing in it.

Does this need blanket around the brick under the steel jacket?
Should the top ring be the one without the elements?
Where should I look for a manual =26 wiring diagram for this?

I sent this to you because you seem to give very detailed =26 knowledgeable
answers. Please forward it to the list and have the replies
sent directly to me.

Thanks so much,
Karen K.