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china clayart newsletter, oct. 99

updated sat 16 oct 99


Clayart China on fri 15 oct 99

The Chinese Clay Art Email-Newsletter. Oct. 1999. Vol. 3.

Mainland China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan. May 20-June 13, 2000
A 25-days experience of Chinese ceramic art including 17-days in China,
2-days in Hong-Kong and 5-days in Taiwan. Fee: $4,650.00 (including
round-trip air fare). or Optional 1. China and Hong Kong, 20 days, $3,850,
Optional 2. Hong Kong (3 days) and Taiwan (5 days), $2,250.
Contact: Program Director: Guangzhen "Po" Zhou, Tel. 408-245-6271,
Fax.408-245-8756, or Yih-Wen Kuo, Associate Professor,
Northern Illinois University, Tel. 815-753-4702, Fax. 815-753-7701,

(1). Time zone between China and the United States is 16 hour different for
East coast, 13 hours different for West coast. The truble of jet lag could
be happen for everyone. Eastward flights have stronger effects than
westward. Avoid heavy food, alcohol, coffee and tea, be relax and go to bed
a little earlier at one day before departure.
(2). The electricity voltage is 220V in China. Also the adapter are needed
if you need battery charge for you vedio camera.
(3). Passport must be at least 6 months before expiration. A copy of your
passport put in saperate place, in case of lost and stolen.
(4). Be prepare traveller's checks and some cash. Bring few personal checks
just in case.
(5). Bring sun glasses, raincoat or portable umbrella.
(6). Slide films are difficulty to buy in some small towns. Please prepare
for yourself.
(7). Print your name cards with both English and Chinese (highly recomend,
It costs about $10-$12 for 100 pieces if got printed in China).
(8). Biograghy, resume and 10 - 20 slides of your work for ceramic cultural
(9). Comfortable dress, in natural fibers to alow your skin to breathe.
Bring more T-shirts and underwares.
(10). A copy of medical record if you need see doctors in China.
(11). Calling from the U. S.: Country code: China-86, Hong Kong-852, and
Taiwan-886. Check with your long distance company for discount for Asian
(12). Pay tips: $2 for driver, $3 for tour guide everyday in recommended.
Pay some tips for luggage carring at hotel, airport and train stations.
(13). There are not much crimes in China, but pocket pickers are common.
Most of train stations have nice "soft coach waiting rooms" for foreigners.
(14). For sanitation reason, do Not buy cooked food on streets.
(15). Do Not exchange money on streets. You may got some counterfeit.

3. Xiao-Ping Luo, President of Yixing Ceramic Artists' Association will
visit the United States by the end of this month. He was invited by The
Claystudio at Philadelphia, PA. In the next year, he will visit Western
Michigan University, Pewaric society, Inc. at Detroit, Michigan, the New
York State, College of Ceramics at Alfred University and the University of
Texas at Phoenix. Most of Xiaoping Luo's clay works are expressive and
figurative sculptures.

4. another Yixing Ceramic Artist Ding-Fang Zhou, is visiting the United
Yixing Pottery Demonstration by Ding-Fang Zhou. Adrian Gruhn Court
Friday, October 22, 11 am-3pm, Saturday, October 23, 11 am-3pm
Friday, October 22, 2:00 PM, Trustees Auditorium The Naturalistic Tradition
in Yixing Ware by Terese Bartholomew, Curator of
Himalayan Art and Chinese Decorative Art Lecture and Demonstration are FREE
with Museum Admission.
Zhou Ding Fang is one of the most innovative of the "new generation" of
Yixing potters. Fang will demonstrate the making of a traditional Yixing
teapot from beginning to the end, as well as giving some insights into the
innovative processes of her own individual work. She is known for her
trompe l oeil work in teapots, small sculptures and literati objects. In
her work, clay is reborn in combinations of wood, bamboo, rope, brick,
nails, leather, and other materials. She is ranked as Craft Master is one
of the two original students of Xu Xiu Tang, a National Craft Master of

Terese Bartholomew who has written and lectured extensively about this
ceramic tradition will focus on the more interpretive and creative aspects
of Yixing ware. Ms. Bartholomew will also give a brief overview of the
technical aspects of pottery such as the production of "Zisha" clay,
traditional tools and kilns as well the history of tea and the development
of Yixing pottery.
Information: 415 379-8879
Aislinn Scofield. Manager of Cultural Programs
Asian Art Museum. Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA 94118, Direct Tel: 415/379-8833
Fax: 415/379-8887, e-mail:
Cultural Programs Information: 415/379-8879

5. A Chinese Ceramic Student Would Like to Apply for Graduate Program in the
States. Miss Xia Li, received her B.A. degree from Jingdezhen Ceramic
Institute in 1997 with Contemporary ceramic art major. She is now in the
graduate program in Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute. She has taken courses
like Structure and development of kiln, Ceramic technology and material,
Blue and white Porcelainware, History of Chinese ceramics and Molds-making,
Miss Li's works are most porcelainware, colorfull vessel forms. She would
like to know which school could fit her background and has the possibility
to accept her application? (I would like to write a recommedation letter for
her). Please contact her
directly. Her English score (TOEFL) is 590.
Her address is: Xia Li (c/o Lu Jun), the Fine Art Department, Jingdezhen
ceramic institute #333001, Jiangxi, P.R. China, Tel. 011-86-798-8412506,

6. Chinese Type Contemporary Art Bullletin.

I would like to create a bridge between China and Western countries for the
ceramic arts. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Editor Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
P.O.Box 64392, Sunnyvale, CA 94088, U.S.A.
Tel. 408-245-6271, Fax. 408-245-8756, Email:

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