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: terra-sig surface prep

updated fri 15 oct 99


Russel Fouts, \"Mes Potes et Mes Pots\" on thu 14 oct 99


>> Second question: I've read about 2 ceramic artists: Duncan Ross in
England, and Pierre Bayle in France, who work with t/s, but they finish
their surface by smoothing with a rib, and then apply t/s when dry. They
don't seem to
have a problem with the t/s popping off, so why would sanding be better? <<

Two of my great inspirations. It's true that they don't sand. I think both
smooth with a rib but I think they do this at a leather hard stage, which is
actually a burnishing. Bayle's sig contains some flux. I've seen his pots in
Paris and the sig surface looks "liquid". Not hard and glossy. It's really
beautiful, especially with that crackle. NOBODY has really figured out how
he does it although I saw a slide from Peggy Heer, that got DAMN close.
Apparently, he's not a very techical guy and doesn't really understand it
himself. He's taken local materials and found a way of working with them to
create something spectacular. That's something to REALLY admire.

I've seen and held Ross's pieces in London. The surface (look and texture)
is more waxy than glossy. Also very beautiful.

Sand, don't sand, burnish, don't burnish, thin sig, thicker sig, spray, dip,
brush, roll, sponge or slop, smoke or don't smoke, colored or natural; There
are MANY different ways of working with sig and many more kinds of surfaces
you can get.

It's a terrific material.

By the way, I don't sand EVER. My sig almost never flakes off. Most of the
time, I don't even burnish or polish any more. If you want to see my pots,
check out my web site below.

If anyone is around Greensboro NC between the 21st and the 26th of October,
I'm giving a workshop for Lisa Skeen's pottery guild on the 23rd. Or if
you're near Pawleys Island SC between the 27th and the 2nd, I'm giving a
workshop for Lori Leary on the weekend of the 30th and 31st.

Y'all come 'round or send us an "invite". I'm not sure if I'll have a car
yet. Anybody know a really cheap rental around Myrtle Beach, Pawleys Island


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