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minimum pricing was thermocuples

updated mon 11 oct 99


Maid O'Mud Pottery on sun 10 oct 99

Bill Campbell wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Thermocouples are availible thru AXNER and most other suppliers. I get mine
> from Cleveland Electric 216 425 4747.
> When a supplier sets a high minimum he should expect to lose all of his
> business.
> Bill


The minimum talked about here appears to be under $30 ($18.50 plus $10, if
memory serves). Now, while I believe $10 surplus is very high on a retail item
(plus shipping and handling, probably), your statement rankles. Firstly, a $30
minimum is very low IF the item is being offered at a cut or wholesale rate. If
it is a retail rate, then that's another ball game BUT

what prompted me to write was your statement "When a supplier sets a high
minimum he should expect to lose all of his business." I am a "supplier" as I
wholesale. I have a minimum $300 whsl per order limit. When a customer called
once and asked for one item (a wine brick) to be sent at wholesale rates (he had
made a few orders previously) I refused outright to send it at wholesale rates.
He was a problem customer at the best of times and for him, this was "the

Anyway, my point is, your statement seems out of line with the small amount set.
(under $30). Sweeping generalizing annoy me, what can I say ;-)

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