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terra sig - sodium silicate

updated sat 9 oct 99


Helene Stolzenberg on fri 8 oct 99

Okay Vince,
I went to your sig site. I'm on my way to picking up everything from the
hydrometer -( glaze not wine of course), my 16 lbs. redart,my soda ash, and
even my jiffy mixer! I've used calgon as a defloc. , and I've used liquid
sodium silicate by dropping two drops off of a pencil as per other
instructions into a gallon jar.

NOW my question, HOW does one measure.25% of sodium silicate? I've been
told over and over by supply houses it only comes in liquid.
I'm really hoping you're going to say that's where I'm going wrong and I
can sit here and go DAH.... and laugh. Does it come in a powder form and is
easily weighed out? Am I missing the obvious in the my quest for the
perfect sig?
Everything else seems perfectly clear even the math which usually has me
leaving my body at the slightest association .
At a stand still,
Helene in the golden Mts of
Flagstaff Az